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Our Story

Our Background

We hold ourselves up to the highest standards and have been part of this industry since 1989.

We have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience as an Industrial Glove Manufacturing Company and continue to expand our practices each and every day. We supply many local and global companies with various innovative products, created with the most significant degree of precision and care.

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Services We Provide

We offer following services under our company

Industrial Safety Hand Gloves

  1. Gloves & Face Mask

  2. PU palm coating with high cut level gloves with Korea HPPE.

  3. Touch screen version Black PU coating glove.

  4. Latex palm & full coating on 13GG cotton glove.

  5. Latex full coating for winter glove.

  6. Face mask as industrial products it’s equivalent with KF94 & KF80.

  7. Non woven fabric for face mask

  8. Filter for KF94 face mask


  1. Both Vertical & Wing type for PU palm & finger tip coating plant1

  2. NBR (Nitrile) palm coating plant for both Wing & Vertical type.

  3. Latex Dipping plant both wing & vertical type plant.

  4. 6 axes Robotic plant for all kinds of production line.

  5. Yarn Covering machine.

  6. Individual package machine for glove.

  7. Heat transfer printing machine

  8. Individual auto packing machine for Face Mask

  9. Face mask Ear welding machine

  10. Face mask making machine

  11. Auto Glove folding & Shrink Wrap packing machine

  12. Dot printing machine

  13. Different shape of hand former


  1. PU (Polyurethane) for glove grade

  2. PU chemical for Synthetic leather grade.

  3. Stabilizer for PU glove grade

  4. Color pigment(Toner) for PU chemical.

  5. Anti foaming agent for PU chemical.

  6. Water base color pigment for NBR & Latex

"Salus Safety is a superb company to work with! That always go above an beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction! "

Client - USA

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